What you’d be up to, of a lazy Sahurda, like

Flat? More like a hovel where I throw things and sleep between work, cycling and trips to the pub. Food crumbs, hairballs creeping into all manner of unlikely places. Cables going missing. General muck that hasn’t been needed in donkey’s years.

So clean, man, clean. Clean like never before! Be a lazy git, and only clean around the places you flop down in, fine. A general cleanliness will invade your being and you’ll end up cleaning all the other places as well, just in case. So what if your vacuum cleaner sucks? That’s what it’s supposed to do dummy.

You can listen to tunes while you clean, yes. Everybody else in your domiciliary complex is doing much the same, after all, of a lazy Sahurda.

But what’s that in the corner? The Harley Benton bass guitar you borrowed from your brother? And winking at you, not too far away, the wah-wah pedal you lent to a mate and only just got back?

Be tempted not by these things. Yes, you will plug the bass guitar into the wah-wah pedal, and the wah-wah pedal through a (headphone) amp.

But if you don’t clean a bit more, you won’t have any room to play. Only saying, like.


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