Lá fheile Phadraig, agus an lá ina dhiadh.

The craziness of St. Patrick’s day is over, buiochas le Día.  Since I hadn’t had a drink for quite a while, I was half looking forward to a couple of pints ‘for the day that’s in it’ and half dreading it.  The final result was, predictably enough, half and half.  For the most part I spent time in the company of some very decent people.  When I’d had too much, I went home.

I usually stay away from the big parade and all the partying in town.  I’m a bit too old for that sort of thing, but you know, live and let live.  Plenty of hi-jinks generally around the place, and (for the record) there was no fighting.

People do get drunk, and sometimes they fight, and that happens all over the world.  It is not unique or endemic to any particular country or culture, nor is it associated with any particular day of the year. Anyone who says otherwise is not welcome here.  Just thought I’d mention that.

Anyway, yesterday was my dad’s 79th birthday, and today is Mother’s Day here.  My parents are up on the island at the moment, and I hope they’re getting great weather and having a fine time.


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