That Time Of Year

Diary Of Amy Rigby

Maybe it’s that end of tour, that time of year feeling. Or the holidays, or sinus, or hormones. Maybe it was the news of little kids and teachers being mowed down in a small town school that made me feel like everything is just…hard to get a hold of.

catskill creek

But my brother Pat and his wife and my niece were visiting for the first time since we moved to America, and we had a nice time and talked, looked at our beautiful town, played Boggle and ate Eric’s delicious bourguignon and made the mistake of watching an Adam Sandler movie. At least that was crap you could laugh at. And turn off.

We drove down to the city for a day, happy to be together, excited to experience New York City in holiday mode. Eric stayed behind, not interested in the crowds.

“Look at all those people in red!” my…

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