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Today is International Sound Engineer’s Day…

Testing: one two, one two, one two… Advertisements

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Palm Sunday

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Okay, now this is weird. How did I end up following my own blog?

Open up the inbox and what’s there in front of me? An announcement that I myself am following my own blog. WTF? I haven’t been near a funny cigarette in ages, so what possible explanation could there be? Following my … Continue reading

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How to deal with people without actually, you know, dealing with people.

I never made this particular training session.  In part it was because I was too busy with certain deadlines.  The session was provided by some outside crowd, some consultancy firm that give advice to – well, to people like us, … Continue reading

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“In the book of love’s own dream…”

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My glorious, garish, gaudy Salthill

“SUNDAY AFTERNOON on Salthill promenade and it’s being buffeted by the remains of Hurricane Katia sweeping in from the Atlantic. Sheets of rain wash across the choppy waters of Galway Bay. As a shower hits, we scurry into a shelter.” … Continue reading

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“It was literature wearing pyjamas in public.”

Why would a genius able to do so much with words settle for doing so little? What did he get from stamping on fleas when he could have created dragons? No Irish writer of his era was funnier, but so … Continue reading

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