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Lee Hazelwood & the Wrecking Crew

No tag exists yet for “awesome studiosity”. I think I’ll invent one now, if no one minds. Seriously. This fine clip is worth checking out, listening to, and learning from. Advertisements

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I would go out tonight…

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Don’t walk away in silence

Ian Curtis 15 July 1956 – 18 May 1980

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“We Didn’t Get Famous” a film by Camilla Ann Aikin

The Story of the Southern Music Underground, 1978-1990

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Happy Easter…

… the day when we worship Echo the Rabbit God and his tribe of Bunnymen, for the bring us the gift of SILVER.

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There’s unlimited supply — and there is no reason why! I tell you it was all a frame — they only did it ‘cos of fame – WHO?

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She proudly lifts her voice to sound her mating call…

So Englebert Humperdinck is representing the UK in the upcoming Eurovision Song Contest. I doubt this will result in me actually giving a shit about the Eurovision, but it’s good news for a at least two reasons I can think of.

One reason is that the job is going to someone who’s actually been working as a professional singer for several decades now, as opposed to someone who won some televised karaoke competition.

The other is that Engelbert Humperdinck is a pretty cool guy. He actually kept the Beatles off the Number One spot in 1967. He sacked his manager for not letting him contribute to a Gorillaz album. He plays at least 200 shows a year all over the world, and supports worthy causes. I can take or leave most of his music, but I have to admit that in his mid-70s he still has a good, rich vocal tone, an impressive range and canny interpretative ability.

Plus, he has given the world ‘Lesbian Seagull’. Beat that, Jedward.

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